Company Overview

Michigan Panel, LLC is a distributer of Kingspan insulated wall panels, specializing in cold storage and controlled atmosphere applications. Our years of experience working intimately and in partnership with top names and companies in the industry lend validity and purpose to our process, allowing our final product to perform to the rigorous standards of both cold and controlled atmosphere storages. This reputation and commitment to our products and services around the world have afforded us membership to the Global Cold Chain Alliance and the International Association for Cold Storage Construction. Our in-house design-build team works from start to finish with all sub-contractors, ensuring that our finished product will stand up to any storage environment or requirement and give the client the most efficient storage possible.

We are also a North American distributer and importer for many complimentary products, including Salco Gastight Cooler Doors, RibbFill & RibbStyle products, StickyFleece, and our MPSealer and MPRepair floor hole & gap sealants. Through proper implementation of these products and processes, our bubble-tight rooms will exceed our standards and, most importantly, your expectations.

Michigan Panel, LLC has partnered on many jobs with other companies and contractors throughout the country, and in the process, developing an extended network of trusted and reliable partners in the industry. This allows us to be diverse with the services and products that we provide. Our goal has always been to provide quality service to our customers, to enhance our company’s diversity, and to facilite business growth with positive results.

Services Offered

Insulated Metal Panels: Dry, Cooler and Freezer

  • Facility Design

  • Sales

  • Installation

  • Service

  • Door Openings for Insulated Metal
    Panels Cut, Bucked and Flashed Out

  • Canopies on Insulated Metal Panels

Doors: Commercial, Industrial & Cold Storage

  • Enviro

  • Salco

  • Chase

  • Hollow Metal Doors and Hardware


Standing Seam Roofing:

  • On-Site Installation

  • Pre-made Sizing

Construction Services:

  • Misc. Metals

  • Floor Angle

  • Bollards

  • Mezzanines

Scissor Lift and Boom Lift Work:

  • Steel Work

  • Painting

  • Power Washing

  • Cleaning

Sheet Metal Fabrication:

  • Bending

  • Punching

  • Shearing

  • Specialties

Mechanical Task and Building Services:

  • Building Construction

  • In-Floor Heat Installations

  • Additions

  • Drywall

  • Electrical Services

  • Concrete Services

  • Plumbing Services

  • Excavation Services

Fork Lift and Material Handling:

  • Equipment Moving

  • Material Handling Services